Open data and methods are used to examine chemical food risks in Europe and show how the EU reduces risks to consumers from imported foods. The web application was launched on 21 September 2018 as part of the EU Datathon. Please click here to sign up for additional information, updates and access. If you have an account please click here

EFSA Comprehensive

OpenHESS uses the Comprehensive European Food Consumption database to estimate the intake of foods across Europe.

Concentration Data

As well as inputting your own concentration data, GEMS and RASFF concentration data can be accessed to examine chemical exposures from multiple sources.


The High Exposure from Summary Statistics (HESS) method is a statistical model to estimate typical and high exposures from summary data, such as the food intake data provided by EFSA.


The OpenFoodTox database is used with the exposure estimates from HESS to highlight potential health risks associated with high chemical intakes.